Ending generational poverty and improving our economic future

Living SJ was formed in 2014 to bring an end to generational poverty in Saint John. It is co-led by a diverse and growing network of over 100 partners working together to improve social outcomes and inform policies and practices that will help us build a brighter future, socially and economically.

Living SJ is the shared vision and community action plan that will transform low income neighbourhoods, close the education achievement gap, improve the wellbeing of our citizens and invest in our workforce; ultimately breaking the cycle of generational poverty. 


Living SJ is a network of stakeholders from business, government, non-profit and neighbourhoods, committed to a collective impact approach to sustainable long-term solutions that demonstrate a measurable improvement in local social conditions.

Four priorities with measurable targets have been established through the network:

Education. Close the education achievement gap;

Employment. Connect low-income residents to employment through education and training;

Health. Improve the health of residents through neighbourhood-based models of care;

Neighbourhoods. Transform low-income neighbourhoods into vibrant mixed income communities.

Living SJ is pioneering a new way of tackling poverty in our city.

Building a movement

Ending generational poverty is not only a social imperative; it is an important economic driver

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